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ClearOne Converge Pro 880TA


Complete audio conferencing system with four channel power amplifiers.

The Converge Pro 880TA is a complete audio conferencing system with an integrated four channel power amplifier. The 880TA is ideal for collaboration, presentation, and distance communications. Superior audio quality is a result of combining a comprehensive set of proven features with the newest technologies. These combined with ClearOne’s HDConference suite deliver the best-sounding audio conferencing experience possible. ClearOne’s HDConference suite includes Distributed Echo Cancellation®, Noise Cancellation, First Microphone Priority, and Adaptive Modeling (Click here for more information on these technologies). In addition, the Converge Pro 880TA incorporates ClearOne’s revolutionary DARE™ feedback eliminator, providing a feedback elimination algorithm that is superior to any other on the market. A rapid configuration user interface for system setup minimizes the time it takes to get a system up and operational. The Converge Pro 880TA facilitates local and remote PC setup, control, and diagnostics and is compatible with the ClearOne Tabletop controller or integration with other popular control systems.

Link the Converge Pro 880TA to the Converge Pro 880, 880T, 840T, 8i, SR1212, SR 1212A or TH20 for extensive microphone coverage and up to 16 phone lines.
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